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Victory over Southport FC

Matchday 44 of 46 is over leaving only two games left, and Darlington are a step closer to being safe from relegation into the Northern Premier League in the Premier Division

The north east club went up against Southport FC who unfortunately lost, leaving Darlington with a crucial three points. As a result of this game Southport are now sitting 15th with one point more than Darlington.

Above the second, final, goal of the game scored by Cornish at 9 minutes

As we are coming to the end of the 2023/24 season Darlington have put winning their latest game and their next games in the forefront of their minds. Their latest game against Southport FC was a success as they left the visiting team leaving with 0 points. This game started off fast paced with Darlington immediately placing pressure on Southport’s defence. With the continuous pressure on the opposition to start off with Darlington were able to score two goals before it had even been 10 minutes. The first was scored by Cedric Main and the second by Matty Cornish. The previous York City player, Cedric Main took the first shot at goal with the ball from the edge of the penalty area where it finished off straight in the back of the net.

The second goal was scored by Matty Cornish, previous Maske United player. When the ball when out of play for a Darlington corner Cornish, number 33 stepped up to take it. At nine minutes into the first half, the corner curled in towards the net and rebounded off the keeper into the top and back of Southport's goal taking Darlington up a goal leaving the visitors down 2-0.

Matty Young saving a shot on target.

When it comes to the second half of Darlington FC's most recent game against Southport FC, the opposition did have some shots on target. There was one short in particular taken by a Southport striker who was so close to getting a goal. However Darlington's keeper managed to punch the ball over the cross bar to prevent a goal being conceded. This young keeper, 17 years old, has been an asset to Darlington this season. He was due to depart around a month or so ago however had his loan from Sunderland extended until at least the end of the season.

Southport taking a corner in the second half.

Darlington need one more win at tomorrows game against Farsely Celtic to guarantee safety. Can they do it? Hopefully they can. In the past this season has seen Farley meet up with Darlington once with Darlington having the upper hand as they previously met in last November with Darlington winning the game with 2-1 goals. We hope for a redo of this in order to survive and run back o your own .

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