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The unsung winners of Women’s football.

The three names below have reached some of the best achievements football can offer, but many are not spoken about enough.

There are many footballers being spoken about a lot in the media and being congratulated very often for their achievements in the sport, but some just don’t get the credit that they deserve. There are so many footballers that have achieved remarkable things in their career, but also helped the game grow by their persistence to carry on playing.

Let’s take a took below to some players and the achievements they have got over their career.

Christine Sinclair- Top international goal scorer

Sinclair has scored 190 goals in 323 appearances for Canada and is leading the way of the most goals scored among both men and women’s football for their nation. The 40 year old is also on the plane to go to Australia and New Zealand- can she add to her extraordinary tally this summer?

The Canadian has spent most of her domestic career playing for Portland Timbers, where she has been since 2013 and is still there currently.

Kerys Harrop- Most WSL appearances

The Spurs defender has played 183 games in the top division of women’s football. Playing for Birmingham City for 9 years and Spurs for 3. The 32-year-old has been released by Spurs at the end of last season but is still looking to stay in the WSL and add to her appearance list.

Harrop has also won the FA Cup back in 2014 with Birmingham City and helped them get to the Champions League semi-final the same year.

Marta- World Cup top goal scorer

With the World Cup on the horizon it is a good time to look into the player that is leading the way for the most goals in the competition among both men and women's football.

The Brazilian has scored 17 goals over 5 World Cups and is set on adding to that record when she goes out with Brazil to compete in this summer’s World Cup.

There are many more players that have achieved so much in women’s football and this will carry on happening, but do you think any of these achievements will be broken by other players?

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