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Georgia Healy: "As Long As We Play Our Way and Stick to Our Philosophy We'll Come Away with Results".

With two big games coming up and the season drawing to a close, Oxford City defender Georgia Healy states “As a team we're just looking to maintain the attitude that we've had all season on and off the pitch, working hard in training to be as prepared as possible”. 

Walton’s side has two big games coming up in the next two weeks, in both the league and cup competitions. 

Firstly, the Hoops face Oxford University AFC Women in the semi-final of the County Cup. 

On the 18th of February, a 61st-minute regional power cut meant the initial fixture between these two sides had to be abandoned. 

“It gives us a second chance as I don’t think we showed up on the day. We found ourselves 1-0 down at half-time and when the floodlights went off we weren’t in a very good position as a team, I think our heads had dropped a little”. 

Healy went on to state that the team is looking forward to the replay and remains hopeful that they can reach the final against Oxford United. 

The following week, they face Bournemouth Sports, who currently sit second in the league on 26 points. 

In the reverse fixture, City narrowly lost 4-3 despite being a goal ahead at halftime. Speaking to Healy about this, she stated “The Bournemouth game was right at the beginning of the season and I think we’ve only grown as a squad since then”. 

She also spoke about the home advantage in this game, with Bournemouth subject to a lengthy journey from the coast. “Home turf is always an advantage, having our mascots and fans there to support, everybody’s family is there”, reflecting the sense of community within the club. 

Walton’s side have also come off the back of a huge 5-1 win against Winchester City Flyers last weekend, which will play a vital role in team momentum going into the fixture. This was also a huge win for the side as they hadn’t played a full 90 minutes of football for over a month.

“On one hand we’re just looking to continue that energy in training all week, keep the team morale high, we’re all looking for that winning feeling again this Sunday.

"On the other hand, we all know that we didn't play to the best of our abilities on Sunday, there’s definitely still things we can build on in our performance and I think we just need to focus on the finer details”. 

Speaking to Healy about the remainder of the season, she said that the team set two goals at Christmas, both of which they are on track to achieve. 

“We all know what we're capable of doing and we want to finish the season off on a high so I think as long as we just play our way and stick to our philosophy we’ll come away with results.

“The first goal is that we’re aiming for third in the league”, which Walton’s side is in a good position to achieve, sitting in third place currently on 19 points, with three games to go. 

“Our second team goal is to reach a cup final which could be achieved on Sunday."

Healy then spoke about which goal was more important to her ahead of the semi-final against Oxford University, stating “Every team wants to be in a cup final, it’s a very special day to be a part of, but personally coming third in the league would show massive progress in the team.

"Last season we were fighting relegation and to achieve third in the league this season just shows what we’re capable of and hopefully, we can push on and aim for promotion next season”. 

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