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WSL attendance's are growing!

Since the Euro’s win it hasn’t gone hiding that the attendances in the WSL are growing.

Since the tournament in the summer the attendances in the WSL have grown a massive 227%. This just shows how much the Lionesses have done for women’s football in such a short time.

With highs of near 50,000 when Arsenal played Tottenham Hotspur at the Emirates and 38,000 when Chelsea also played at home to Tottenham at Stamford Bridge, women’s football is definitely moving in the right direction.

With the chances that teams have had playing in the bigger stadiums you can see just how many fans want to go to the games. More chances like this and the attendances will be at a continuous high the whole way through the season.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United are the team’s leading the way to keep pushing to play in the bigger stadiums, and with their attendances so far they are not letting their chance’s slip.

It is between Arsenal and Chelsea on who have the highest average attendance through the season so far. With Arsenal having the most with 24,336. With 3 of these matches being played at the Emirates.

The next step, will be helping the smaller teams in women’s football gain a higher attendance, as even some teams in the WSL only average 2000 maximum on a home game, in which some fans will be away supporters.

These teams include; West Ham, Reading, Leicester and Brighton and Hove Albion.

A way to get more fans in could be through family days, a double header or cheaper tickets.

As the numbers don’t lie, there’s so many people that want to watch women’s football, so trying to make it more compatible on a weekly basis could help the smaller teams.

Fans help the teams grow so much financially, but also on the pitch. Let’s hope that this time next year the attendances have doubled yet again!

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