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What does Kim Little mean to Arsenal fans?

This week I have spoken to George and Ellesse from the Arsenal Women's Supporters Club about what Kim Little means to them.

What was your first memory of Kim Little?

Ellesse: I did not remember exactly and my first game watching Arsenal vs Birmingham in 2018 but she did not feature in that squad but i have only just started proper following Arsenal just after then. But my first proper memory is the NLD (North London Derby) in 2022 which she played amazingly in the 3-0 win at the Emirates Stadium.

George: I can't remember exactly what the game was but when I saw her on tv a couple of years ago and thought that she was quality player and how calm and collected she is.

How has Kim Little changed since your first time seeing her play for Arsenal?

Ellesse: I feel like Kim Little is very much a confidence player and it has been amazing at just how much she has grown in confidence and now she is becoming a name that you hear a lot more often now when talking about positive performances.

George: She has changed so much since I first remember watching her she has gone for being quite quiet player perhaps going unnoticed to now being captain from time to time and leading the line for Arsenal.

What does she add to the team and also how important is she?

Ellesse: She brings a lot of calmness and composure to the team. Maybe that is a sign of her being a good captain, but under pressure she is cool, calm and collected and she creates so many chances thanks to her quick feet and skills.

George: She is probably one of the most important players on the pitch she seems to be very cool and collected she knows that she influences the team from her position and her ability perhaps when certain players get a bit riled up she is able to calm the girls down.

What do you think perhaps she needs to improve if anything?

Ellesse: I think we have seen currently how vital she is in the teams that she features in but I always feel like with that there is more to improve as a team rather than any specific individuals. I think perhaps she could try and get more shots on target as she can get into good positions but then again it isn't her main role in the team.

George: I think there isn't much she needs to improve. If I had to say something it is her amount of goals she scores but then again the position she plays in means that perhaps she isn't always going to get those types of opportunities

How Important was she in the recent Conti C up final win?

Ellesse: Kim was very important especially with her very good track record with penalties and that came to use which help put us 2-1 up. She made some great forward runs with the ball opening up the Chelsea midfield and her ability to use her skills to get around players is exceptional.

George: She has been so exceptional going forward and she has been a stalwart for Arsenal and when we don't have Beth Mead or Viv Mediema in the team she seems to help the team in the middle with the creativity and that was proven in the final she was the spark that Arsenal needed in the final espcially after going behind so quickly.

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