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Was Postecoglou right to be angry at the Spurs fans?

After Postecoglou's impassioned rant following Tottenham's defeat to City, is there more of a weak culture at Tottenham than we had thought?

Tottenham fans were cheering when their team was losing which came to the anger of the manager of the Lilywhites, Tottenham Hotspur fans were cheering for the Citizens as a result of them being the only ones who could stop their local and bitter rivals, Arsenal FC. However, some reports are indicating that it is not just the fans who were thinking this way...

According to reports from The Athletic, there were staff within Tottenham Hotspur who were making jokes and remarks about losing to City, including one which was said to be joking around using the youth team for the game to supposedly ensure a loss and to dampen Arsenal's title dreams. This is something which apparently led to heated discussions behind the scenes. The Tottenham Hotspur's Supporters Trust have also reportedly said they would set up an interview with Postecoglou so that they can go over the full context of the rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham.

Postecoglou's reasons to be angry seem to be pretty justified too. The Tottenham manager mentioned that he has come to North London to win in his post match press conference. When he hears fans and seemingly his own team joke and feel relaxed about losing a game, he probably hurt and felt betrayed by them as a result as it shows a culture who is relaxed on winning their own games and perhaps too focused on others.

Another issue which was brought up from former Tottenham striker Gary Lineker on the "This is Football" podcast where he speaks on how the hierarchy in Tottenham is a major problem. With Postecoglou's comments on the "fragile foundations", this is similar to what Mourinho and Conte both described as they left the club in their respective tenures. As well as that, Lineker spoke to other managers about their tenures at Spurs since the Postecoglou speech on Tuesday night. There was a constant on how the owners would be rather "whingey" and try to be hands on with the team selection and what they were doing.

This type of behaviour from the owners has led to Spurs not having a trophy since 2008, no FA Cup since 1991 and no Division title since 1961 despite having arguably their most talented team since the sixties through the 2010s.

This shows a habit for Tottenham fans of failure, therefore it is something that they are used to having been a long-time fan of Tottenham Hotspur. As a result, the weal and fragile foundations leads to them booing being the consequence of years of failure from the board at Tottenham as well as a bitterness at how Arsenal have transformed and not wanting them to lift up the Premier League.

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