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Wagnerlution: How has he managed to turn it around?

David Wagner's life at Norwich City has got off to the best possible start with 2 wins in 3 games against Preston North End and Coventry City.

David Wagner took over from Departing Manager Dean Smith and inherited a squad with very little confidence and lacked everything that the Canaries fans knew that their team could produce.

Norwich City as a club over the last 13 months has been torn further and further apart there was no connection with anyone from your Board Members to your most important people at the club the fans. The fans felt disconnected from the team and that over the last couple of months had turned extremely toxic and actually saw attendances drop slightly which is something that Norwich pride themselves on.

When it was first announced that David Wagner was going to become the new Norwich manager it was met with scepticism from a lot of Norwich fans as they saw it as quite a lazy appointment from their Sporting Director Stuart Webber as David Wagner was his manager when they both worked at Huddersfield Town.

But some fans also welcomed the appointment with open arms after the dismal coaching from Dean Smith left them drifting away from the club.

David Wagner took Huddersfield to the play off final and they became a Premier League team despite everyone thinking that they had no chance they went around and beat the odds. One of the most important things that he developed that season was his ability to use the youth system and also knows exactly how to integrate the youngsters into the senior team a big thing that Norwich would have looked at before they signed him to his contract.

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