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The Worst Team In Premier League History?

Sheffield United are on track for 100 goals conceded.

Sheffield United had finally achieved the dream of coming back to the Premier League last August after placing second in the Championship but what they didn't anticipate was being rock bottom and debated as the worst team to ever grace the Premier League. Although the Blades sit on 13 points, which is two more than 2007/8 Premier League flops Derby, they have now conceded five plus goals in their last four consecutive home matches. On Monday night, on form team Arsenal visited Bramall Lane and added to their pain as the Gunners hit 6 goals past the Blades. An own goal from Bogle and five goals from a range of Arsenal players, saw the Blades embarrassed once again as they were brutally punished for their lax defending. After Martinelli's wonderful third goal, which was scored fifteen minutes into the game, many Sheffield United fans could no longer stomach the Arsenal domination and decided to head home. Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder said he doesn't blame fans for leaving.

Many have questioned this relegation sides mentality and whether they need to be motivated to win. Recently, players Vinicius Souza and Jack Robinson got into a scuffle on the pitch against Wolverhampton Wanderers exhibiting poor mentality and internal issues. Not only are they on track to concede one hundred goals in a singular premier league campaign but they have only won one game on the road, which was against fellow Championship promotee Luton Town. Despite losing by five or more goals in four matches, they have also been battered 8-0 at home by Newcastle United also. Therefore, it is fair to question their mentality when these results are repetitive and there is no sign that they are slowing down. But Chris Wilder hit out at these claims on Sky Sports after losing 6-0 to Arsenal, saying 'They are professional footballers, they get paid, we get paid very very well and we are at a level where we need to produce and motivate ourselves'. Although Wilder took the blame for yet another poor performance, he showed his disappointment in his players and ultimately demanded better of them as they forgot the 'elementary basics' needed to play in the premier league.

Despite it all, many Sheffield United players and fans will feel hard done by when being named 'the worst premier league club ever'. The club sit rock bottom on 13 points, the same as Burnley but have had 72 goals shipped past them compared to Burnley's 60. They have also only scored 22 goals as of yet, highlighting the shocking nature of both defence and attack. Although Derby have recorded the lowest tally of points in premier league history so far, they only conceded 89 goals. Most of their losses were by small margins but they did suffer massive defeats to clubs such as repeat offenders Arsenal, as well as Manchester United and Liverpool. Sheffield United are only 17 goals behind reaching Derby's total and 28 before they reach 100 goals conceded which will be the most embarrassing statistic recorded in premier league history. Considering Derby's goals against tally was over a season and Sheffield United's 72 conceded goals are over 27 games, with 11 games left to play, there is no wonder why they are being tarred with this brush.

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