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The World Cup’s Low’s

With the World Cup starting today, the normal tournament excitement appears absent, as we are sat here focusing on the hosts morals rather than the football.

The 2022 hosts are very far behind; it’s like human rights don’t matter.

It’s been 12 years since they were elected by FIFA to host the World Cup, they have had 12 years to make a change, but yet nothing has happened.

Many fans who have a golden ticket to go to a World Cup, to watch their country, are too scared to make the trip just for being who they are. Joe White, who follows England all-round the globe, is one of these fans, saying “he will be forced back into the closet”.

The World Cup Chief for Qatar has been forced to answer many questions on the matter. He has always argued that ‘everyone is welcome’, but never really given fans of all nations the reason to believe it.

Women in Qatar continue to suffer with their minimal say, as they have to ask permission from their male guardians to marry, study, work, travel and receive reproductive health care. When will they gain their independence?

Lionesses Euro winning centre back, Lotte Wubben-Moy, has also vocalised her thoughts by saying she won’t be watching the tournament due to the country’s views on women, homosexuality and human rights.

Similarly, Lionesses Captain Leah Williamson has mentioned that she will support the team, but will also not be watching or tuning in to any of the games.

England captain, Harry Kane, will be showing his support by wearing his captains band saying ‘one love’, which will cause England to receive a fine. The squad and backroom staff have also decided to fly over to Qatar in a ‘Rain Bow’ plane to show their support.

With the Lionesses Euros campaign in the summer, there was a real high for women in sport, but only 4 months on it feels like we are back at the start.

If the Women’s World Cup couldn’t be in Qatar, how can the men’s!

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