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The problem with Liverpool's takeover

Liverpool have, certainly not been the team they were of late. Jurgen Klopp has insisted on consistency, but the results are not showing that.

The quadruple chasing season, injuries, and lack of recruitment have caught up with the Reds and they currently sit 9th in the table with their recent draw against Chelsea at Anfield.

However, there are further issues higher up in the club with a potential takeover on the horizon. There have been recent rumours of a Qatari consortium takeover, however, these remain rumours as FSG seeks investment rather than a full sale of the club.

Some fans have been fuming with FSG and some even created an #FSGOUT campaign that was supposed to take place before the recent draw with Chelsea at Anfield. The protest had very few numbers and therefore was cancelled.

It is hard to criticise owners that have led the club to four European finals, two cup finals and a Premier League title in the last 7 years. They have certainly spent money too with the acquisitions of Virgil Van Dijk for £75 million, Alisson for £65 million and Darwin Nunez for £85 million.

However, some fans argue that the sell-to-buy strategy under FSG has led to poor form this season and the overall downfall of the squad. Injuries to key players have not helped matters with Roberto Firmino, Luis Diaz, Diogo Jota and Virgil Van Dijk out with long-term injuries. The midfield appears to be the real issue and one that has not been invested in since Thiago’s transfer to the reds in 2020.

Henderson and Fabinho have been a shadow of their former selves and the goals conceded this season have come through the opposition running through the midfield with ease. For the first 6 games this season Liverpool have been outrun with 1.7k fewer than the opponents. The Reds appear to have an identity crisis with Klopp’s Liverpool known for being pressing machines with the midfield running themselves into the ground.

Liverpool’s midfield is stagnating, and fans are desperate for new blood with the poor form in midfield. Henderson (32) and Fabinho (29) appear to be past their best and recruitment is needed if Liverpool want a top-four spot.

There lies the problem that fans have with FSG. They have not spent enough in the midfield department and argue that Jurgen Klopp has worked miracles with minimum tools at his disposal.

A new takeover would bring the necessary funds into the squad that could refresh in the summer with The Reds looking to sign 2-3 midfielders in the next transfer window. On the other hand, some fans are worried about where the funds may come from.

The Spirit of Shankly account on Twitter recently put out a statement questioning the human rights side of what a new owner could bring. They seek a fit and proper test of any new potential owner/owners. The statement says as follows “We think that should be a matter of importance to the Government. Just as the government would not allow our most important cultural or heritage assets to fall into unfit or improper hands.” They intend not to have a repeat of Hicks and Gilette at Liverpool which nearly took the club under back in 2012.

Liverpool certainly do not want a repeat of H&G and the Spirit of Shankly shares that view. However, the statement came under some fire from some fans that say the statement is xenophobic and that SOS just don’t want Qatari owners amid the recent rumours. This is not true; they just simply want what’s best for the club and any investment comes from owners that don’t break human rights affairs.

It remains to be seen who will bid for the club with fans debating what is best for the club’s future. Liverpool certainly needs investment as Jurgen Klopp cannot keep creating miracles. With Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Roberto Firmino and Milner’s contracts running out in the summer. The team certainly needs some investment. However, where that money comes from is an issue and the club will need to conduct a professional fit and proper test of any investment or owner/owners that come into the club.

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