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The Lionesses break another regressive cycle with their new kit!

England’s kit for the 2023 Women’s World Cup has replaced the classic white shorts with blue ones, in the hope to provide comfort for the players when they’re on their period over the summer tournament.

In the last 24 hours, Nike have revealed their latest artwork that is set to eliminate fear whilst playing on their period, ahead of the World Cup.

The practicality of kits whilst menstruating has been questioned on numerous occasions, and with more action recently. West Bromwich Albion are one of the catalysts for this progressive change.

At the start of the season West Brom took the courageous move from wearing white shorts to navy ones, due to period anxieties that negatively affected performances. Head Coach, Jenny Sugarman, noted at the time how this decision was “another sign of the continued integration of the women’s team across the club and recognition of a progressive and inclusive culture”.

This positive step forwards for the women’s game has normalised periods, and has been a key aim in the international squad for a while too.

Beth Mead, amongst many other England stars, spoke up about her concerns with menstruating whilst playing back during the 2022 European campaign, so it’s good to see the pivotal influence the players have had on this design.

This new kit will be debuted in the first ever women’s Finalissima, where the Lionesses invite Brazil to Wembley Stadium on Thursday.

Not only has the home kit attracted attention, but also the blue away kit. Inspired by the jersey worn in England Women’s first major tournament in 1984, according to the Football Association, due to the colour and geometric patterns.

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