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The 2023/4 Premier League season has already cemented itself in history, as one of the most entertaining and competitive seasons since the premier league was formed. Throughout the table teams fight for: survival, European spots and ultimate victory but only mere points separate many teams from their fate. At the summit of the esteemed Premier League, lies three English giants hoping that on the 28th May they will eclipse their rivals and ascend to the throne of the best league in the world. Arsenal, lead the way by a hair, their goal difference boosting them to first place. In second place, Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool lie in wait, hoping that they can return back to first place after drawing 1-1 with third place Manchester City, who in the last three years have looked down on their rivals as victors of the premier league. For years, the premier league's title race has been a battle between Liverpool and Manchester City but Mikel Arteta has worked tirelessly as Arsenal's knight in shining armour to bring them to the battlefield for first place.

For the last six seasons, Manchester City and Liverpool have wrestled each other for the Premier League title, with Manchester City winning 5 times and Liverpool just once. However pundits such as Jamie Carragher has labelled the one sided fight as one of the greatest rivalries in the Premier League, in which many fans scoff at the thought. In the early 2000s, a rivalry which has not been surpassed was formed between Arsene Wenger's Arsenal and Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United. The two managers warred with each other every season and their players also. Captains Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane are just a drop in the ocean of what these two ferocious teams were like when they faced each other, both passionate and driven to win. Between going Invincible and winning the treble, both of these teams set the premier league up for the name it has today, taking the crown from Serie A and La Liga for the best league. However, for Pep's Manchester City and Klopp's Liverpool there is a lack of fire between the two fanbases, with Liverpool spending most of their time in this tenure as the bridesmaid and not the bride.

However, this season we are starting to see the flames fan as Arsenal step into new territory and upset the relationship between Liverpool and City. Mikel Arteta has been adamant since leaving Pep's side at Manchester City about breeding passion, bravery and dominance at Arsenal and each gameweek the Gunners show it. Since the New Year started the Gunners have won every single Premier League game and have now reached the last eight in the Champions League after beating experienced Champions League side Porto FC. This is the first time in fourteen years that Arsenal has made it to this stage. Historically, there has been many two horse races but with Arsenal stepping up, it makes the premier league even more exciting as these three teams can hardly separate themselves from each other in terms of quality. With ten games left, it is hard to say which team will be triumphant come gameweek 38 but fans are sure that this title race will be one for the ages and for either Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City this can be a victorious stamp in their histories.

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