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The Burnley Revolution: How Burnley will change forever.

A year ago saw Burnley football club in a position that had potential to destroy the club. Continuous lack of investments, lack of growth, lack of potential and a £60 Million bill that had to be paid immediately.

Fast forward to present day and the Clarets have secured promotion, secured exciting prospects and find themselves in a profit margin ranging way over £50 Million. Here's the story of how Burnley football club will never be the same.

(Turf Moor preparing for a match on a dark rainy night)

In December 2020, ALK Capital had completed a takeover of Burnley Football Club with Alana Pace being the chairmen of the club. From that day on it was clear that the philosophy of Burnley Football Club would change and the first sign of that was shown in the transfer windows.

The summer before Alan Pace and ALK Capital had took over the club the previous owner had invested less than £1 million on transfers.

A Premier League side who had finished 10th in the previous season to then only spend below £1 million for the next season on a squad with an average age of 28.9 created a recipe of struggle, demise and the end of our previous owners reign. Due to the lack of investment in the final years of the previous owner being at the clarets it can be argued that it was a crucial part in Burnley Football Club getting relegation in the 2021/22 season.

In Alan Pace's first season with the clarets £49M worth of players joined the club which were players that not many Clarets fan saw coming. The last time Burnley had invested on players outside the United Kingdom was in 2016 (Steven Defour - £8.6m). Within that time the club had bought 14 players that came strictly from English leagues. With the introduction of Alan Pace we saw the club introduce French winger, Maxwell Cornet from Ligue 1 as well as Wout Weghorst from the Bundesliga.

In these transfer windows alone it showed that the clarets should expect a different strategy in how the club would act in transfer windows.

Controversy surrounded Alan Pace and ALK Capital which led to many fans skeptical of the American based company intentions for the club

It was released that the takeover was a leveraged buyout which included money inside the Burnley FC accounts. It also included a £65 Million loan which was held against the club. The loan was meant to be paid by December 2025 latest but there was a clause involved with the leveraged buyout loan that had the potential to financially cripple the clarets for a very long time.

Even with the new signings and the new ownership Burnley had unfortunately fell short on the final day of the season losing 2-1 to Newcastle which led to Burnley going back to the Championship for the first time in 7 years. Due to the club facing relegation it meant the terms of the loan had changed and that the £65 Million loan had to be paid immediately which frightened all Burnley Football fans. With a manager and his team being apart of the club for over 10 years suddenly no longer involved in Burnley plans and 18 Burnley players who had decided to leave after the season ended which included crucial players such as James Tarkowski, Ben Mee, Nick Pope and many others it seemed the worse for the clarets. With all these factors involved, it seemed Burnley was going to fall in a hole that would be impossible to climb out of. But that couldn't be further from the truth

Burnley Football Club had announced the appointment of Vincent Kompany as the head coach of the club in June 2022.

A time where Burnley seemed to be in financial struggles, lack of players, an ageing squad and a club that has to come to terms with being relegated got its first glimpse of hope with the new managerial appointment

It wasn't long after the managerial appointment where Burnley started to be active in the transfer window. a window that Burnley fans had not seen for a very long time The club had signed 18 players that season with 10 of them being players from around the world from countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Kosovo and many more.

The max spent on a player was £4 Million which was both Anass Zaroury and Manuel Benson Hedilazio. The club had revolutionised and reformed. A new young manager. A full international squad with an average age of 25 and £50 Million in profits from players that were sold

For Burnley fans, the fun had only begun

Fast forward to January 2022 the clarets were at the top of the league with only 2 losses on their shoulders and no defeats at the Turf Moor. But it's not the only thing that was going well for the club

Alan Pace had made initiatives to connect with the community and had created a partnership with Burnley College which is the heart of education for the small mill town. The partnership saw both Alan Pace and Vincent Kompany attend special events at the college which allowed the public and students ask them questions of their choosing

We also saw a massive improvement in the Burnley Women's squad which saw the team be the only undefeated team in the top 3 leagues of English women's football.

Finally, there was a stadium development which pushed Burnley into the the modern era of football. The ground got a digital upgrade which provided a vast amount of digital screens being placed all around Turf Moor.

To add the cherry topping to the cake for Burnley fans. It was released that the leveraged buy out loan which put the club £65 Million of debt was renegotiated and the loan was completely paid off.

Burnley now find themselves in a position where they're preparing to battle it out once again in the Premier League after confirming automatic promotion against Middlesborough in April to then later win the title at their rivals ground, Ewood park.

Arguably one of the greatest moments for Burnley Fans

A person heavily involved with the Twitter account for North American clarets had this to say in regards to Alan Pace and ALK's time at the club.

"They have changed it for the better...they are trying to find a way to make Burnley more appealing to a more global audience.. Vincent Kompany is a good start.. back in the EPL is another.. and now getting the Watts involved and having them straight away get people in America to talk about Burnley is the cherry on top."


Burnley will finish the season with over £40 Million in profit sales, untouched parachute payments and 0% of debts from the leverage buy out loan.

A club that had an ageing squad, lack of investment, domestic signings and little connection to the community has now completely changed on all aspects. Alan Pace and ALK have not only changed Burnley FC, but have in fact, revolutionised it.

A Burnley Football Club podcast account called Burnley Mundial had to say the following when how he sees the future of the club going with Alan Pace being the chairmen.

"I think we’ll short, sharp rise in both spending and profit. The increased eyes on the club internationally and with an addition of a few more top footballing talents will only boost and I think only stamp our position in the Premier League once again.

We’re on the cusp of a huge tide shift at Burnley Football Club, where once before we had a relatively low glass ceiling. But, now under ALK and Alan Pace that glass ceiling has not only been removed it’s been smashed to pieces with their ambition, planning and passion for us." @BurnleyMundial

Here is a sneak peak of a YouTube video that is expected to be uploaded on Sunday at 5pm which involves and exclusive interview with a well known figure within in the Burnley Community, Vizeh. Have a listen to our sneak peak below to get an insight on what to expect on the video

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