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Sweden slide their way back into qualification spot after a late winner against Switzerland

Sweden managed to push themselves back into qualifying position after beating Switzerland 2-1 at Bramall Lane stadium.

Sweden’s hopes of winning the Euros have become higher with Wednesday afternoon's win against Switzerland that has put the national team in qualifying position. However, not a secured position..

Everton midfielder Hanna Bennison was subbed onto the game and scored the late winning goal to make the swedes 2-1 up at full time.

Rebecka Blomqvist had two late finishes ruled out for offside however Switzerland were unable to get another goal into the back of the net leaving them with hope that it won't be a game they live to regret.

Barcelona striker Fridolina Rolfo changed the match as she managed to slott the ball through the Swiss defence putting the swedish team in the lead.

However, Switzerland responded swiftly as only two minutes later as PSG forward Romana Bachman curled the ball straight into the net at Bramall Lane making it 1-1 between the national teams.

Controversy has surrounded this match as the swiss team had to cancel training on Monday as 9 players faced stomach bugs.

Sweden are one of the favourites to win the competition as they rank the best team in Europe along with ranking the 2nd in the Fifa world rankings.

However, they received a heavy scare as Switzerland were given a penalty following Magdalena Eriksson's tackle on Noelle Martiz but it was later deemed as not a penalty by VAR due to Eriksson touching the ball first when going in for the tackle.

Sweden brought great attacking moments throughout the first half but struggled to get past Switzerland's impressive defence.

Sweden are currently 3 points ahead of Portugal and Switzerland with still 1 game to go in the group stage,

Sweden will face Portugal on Sunday afternoon as Sweden aim to at least earn a draw in the game that will confirm their position in qualifying.

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