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Spain kick-off the knockout stage with a 5 goal thriller.

A shocking 5 goals put past Switzerland will see Spain progress to the quarter-finals.

Both sides had half a chance before Spain broke down the Swiss backline in the 5th minute, as Aitana Bonmati send home the opening goal after a scramble in the box.

The 11th minute saw a shocker, as Laia Codina’s debut for Spain soon turned sour with an own goal. A back pass at the halfway line exerted too much power, possibly due to the Swiss pressure, so sent the ball lying pass the keeper into her own net, which made it level.

Switzerland had barely entered the game at this point, with no shots on target, whilst Spain had put 9 shots away. Their high-pressing efforts were rewarded with a lead in the 17th minute, as Ona Batlle plays a perfect ball to Alba Redondo for a guided header.

3 goals in less than 20 minutes- an exciting start to the knockout stage.

It wasn’t long before Spain made it a third, with a controlled placement in the top right by Bonmati, after a drag back and shot. A well deserved goal for a very hardworking Bonmati.

Codina reversed her own goal, by winning a scramble in the box and finding jet net from yet another corner- something Switzerland lacked in the first half.

Spain entered the break in the lead by 3 goals.

A close chance came from Switzerland in the 55th minute, but it wasn’t enough to fight back, as Jenni Hermoso took advantage of a mistake at the back to secure Spain a spot in the quarter-finals.

An attack driven game from Spain saw the squad we all expected going into this competition return. This complete domination over Switzerland is something to look out for in the later stages of the competition.

Will Spain face the Netherlands or South Africa on Friday?

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