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Six finals, Six defeats : How do you recover from rock bottom?

After an extremely disheartening loss in the cup final at the weekend, Chelsea fans and players must be massively lacking in hope and confidence but with games still left in the league and an FA cup tie this week it is crucial that the Blues remain constructive.

According to Google, the best way to recover from rock bottom is to believe in yourself and regain control of your life. In Chelseas case, many fans feel as if control is completely out of their hands and the level of belief is inadequate.

Another loss at Wembley means Pochettino's men have now lost their last six domestic finals, including three against Liverpool. With Pochettino already under serious pressure from the board, the loss on Sunday might have been a bit too much for his shoulders to carry. Chelsea's performance was not at all unsatisfactory with players such as Dorde Petrovic, Malo Gusto and Levi Colwill getting the better of their red counterparts. The dissapointment was only felt in the 118th minute when Van Dijks header sealed the deal for 'Klopps Kids'.

It really is the same old story for Chelsea. The club has always been clear on it's winning mentality and since the sacking of Thomas Tuchel (the last manager to lift a trophy with the Blues) there has been quite a dry patch. Pochettino was brought in last summer to end the drought but as we all know, not all gone to plan in the first seven months of his reign.

Despite the league position and cup final result, the entirety of the club including the fans must remain positive as the season is still ongoing and could potentially get worse if heads drop. The team seem to be lacking ambition to maintain some sort of pride which could be a cause of recent results but Pochettino has a big task on his hands to try and get his players to forget about the final and move swiftly on.

Pochettino had a lot of emotion on display after the game, as he stated that the loss is 'painful and difficult to manage'. He also feels fairly confident that the team will bounce as the team are 'competitive and if we want to win we need to move on.'

Chelsea host Leeds in the FA cup fifth round tomorrow night and would be the perfect bounce back to settle the nerves inside and out the dressing room. But only if the team can cut the mustard againt the second placed Championship side.

Hopefully Chelsea fans haven't spent too much time drowning their sorrows, as an early exit out of another domestic cup competiton may be sooner rather than later.

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