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Should the Lionesses keep their home games to Wembley Stadium only?

As much as it allows new fans to go and see their nation, has this affected their results?

Recently the Lionesses played in a must win game at St James Park in Newcastle and it was the first time this stadium has hosted for the women side. They unfortunately came away with a 2-1 loss to France which had put them 3rd in their qualifying group and at risk of not qualifying automatically for Euro 2025.

St James’ Park is in Newcastle which means if England fans from the North East want to watch England they will have to travel over 12 hours to get to Wembley and back which seems unfair. So it's understandable that England should change venues every so often to allow fans all over the UK a fair chance to watch them live.

But doing this has come at a cost after only winning 3 out of their last 5 and with the Lionesses record you believe they should be doing better now. Should they just keep their qualifiers and major games to one stadium being Wembley, and all their friendlies in other venues? I believe this will be the fairest way of doing it as every fan deserves to see their nation play.

It has not just affected their position and likelihood of making the Euros, it also affected their chances of making the Olympics, as the Lionesses had to top their group but unfortunately they came 2nd due to losing to the Netherlands. It was only the game against the Netherlands which was played at Wembley.

I believe the reason this has become a talking point is because of England's recent form since the World Cup and the scare of not making the Euros whilst being the current European Champions.

It will be hard for the players to get used to new players every international break as well as playing in different stadiums especially if they have never played in them before. But England fans turn up in their thousands up and down the country and continuously support the players as loud as they can, so at times it must always feel like a home game, but for England right now they are in a rut and they need to change it quickly if they want to make it to Switzerland without the stress of play-off matches at the end of the year.

Do you believe their recent form is because they don’t have just 1 home ground or do you believe it is a player/manager reason?

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