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Sending of stereotypes: The first all-female referee team at a men’s World Cup.

At a time where lots of negativity and controversy surrounds the Qatar World Cup 2022, Stéphanie Frappart, Neuza Back and Karen Diaz started an empowering legacy for all women on Thursday.

Frappart became the first woman to be the lead referee during a men’s match at this iconic tournament.

The 38 year old has had more experience than any other female referee, and now adds this decisive group stage game between Costa Rica and Germany to the ever growing list.

One of her many historical moments dates back to 2014, when she became the first woman to be in charge at a men’s Ligue 2 game- France’s second division. This achievement progressed to the men’s Ligue 1 during international friendlies and the Champions League.

2019 saw another impressive game-changing match, when the French referee became the first woman to referee the UEFA Super Cup between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Positive and powerful.

Although arguably this recognition has come far too late than deserved, this statement on the biggest stage in the world is an overwhelmingly inspiring one.

Hopefully this is an iconic moment to influence all future games!

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