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Match Report: Vietnam VS Netherlands - Netherlands dominate Vietnam 7-0 to secure the round of 16

Netherlands secure a spot in the knockout stages after thrashing Vietnam in fashionable style with a 7-0 victory which unfortunately sees the southeast Asian national team's world cup come to an end.

The match saw Jill Roord, Champions League finalist midfielder for Wolfsburg score a brace alongside Esmee Brugts, striker for PSV score a brace also. We also got to see Leike Martens, Katja Snoeijs & Danielle Van Den Donk score some goals for the Dutch Lionesses.

Vietnam only had one shot on target this match whilst Netherlands had 17 on target. Vietnam didn't score a single goal this tournament making them the first team without scoring a goal since Colombia and South Korea in 2011

With Vietnam having full knowledge that this was going to be their last game at the 2023 World Cup. Some interested subsitutions was made. One being at half time with goalkeeper, Tran Thi Kim Thanh, coming off for backup keeper, Khong Thi Hang.

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