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Match Report: Panama VS Jamaica - Jamaica knock out Panama with a intense 1-0 win.

Within the first 10 minutes Jamaica were very dominant on the ball have majority of possession of the football but seemed to struggle in that final third and creating crucial chances. I believe that's a testament to how strong Panama's defence is

The dynamics had changed as the game processed as Panama were finding some great counter attacking moves that saw Panama constantly find themselves in Jamaica's penalty box. Panama seem to get incredibly physical as Cedeno causes a late tackle on spence leading the ref to give her a yellow card

Coming to end of the first half the match becomes incredibly intense as both teams push to take the lead. Both teams creating great chances and both being equally as dominant. It seems Panama had struggled in the start of the match but have found themselves growing into the match being able to find their footing

in the 56th minute of the match Carter makes a fantastic run for Jamaica which inevitably helped push Jamaica into the lead. She makes a run down the wing, crosses it into the centre but goes out for a corner. Corner is taken and Swaby head's it home for Jamaica

A painful one to watch for Panama as Panama have clearly been a thorn for Jamaica during the game. That being said, Jamaica truly deserved the goal. The build up play was fantastic and they've been dominant in play from the very start.

The game ends with Jamaica taking the 3 points for them in hopes to push their progress in the World Cup. Jamaica currently sit 2nd in the group whilst Panama has been knocked out of the competition.

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