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Magic Miedema - Arsenal beat Ajax to kick off their European campaign

Vivianne Miedema secured Arsenal a spot in the UEFA Women’s Champions League group stage, following a 1-0 victory over Ajax Vrouwen.

Despite the tight marking and increased pressure, Miedema found the net in the 51st minute, where she drilled a shot into the bottom left-hand corner.

This was her 120th Arsenal goal!

This rainy night saw Ajax Vrouwen host the second leg in this qualifying game, in which both teams entered the pitch at a level playing field- proving any goal to be crucial in order to progress further.

Arsenal were off to a slow start, as the Dutch side effectively used an aggressive high press, which forced Arsenal into many 2v1 situations in their own half.

As the first half progressed, the Gunners built up a solid composure, which created more attacks in the final third. However, many were either blocked by Ajax or a few went slightly over and wide by skipper Kim Little and Miedema.

The second half started with greater intent for the Red Army, with greater pressing of the ball, which led to more mistakes by the Dutch players.

Just after the hour mark, Ajax defender Lisa Doorn received the only booking of the game, as there was a big clash of heads with Beth Mead. Concerns over social media grew, but Arsenal’s Instagram proves that the star player is doing well.

Last week's player of the match Caitlin Foord came very close to extending the Gunners lead, as she managed to get around the keeper but was faced with too many defenders to have a shot.

After Miedema finalised Champions League football for Arsenal this season, in her birth country, this has left Arsenal in an exciting position.

Monday 3rd October is the date you won’t want to miss, as the Champions League draw for the group stage will take place!

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