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Is Julian Nagelsmann the perfect fit for Tottenham Hotspur?

With Antonio Conte's time at the club now at an end, Tottenham's hierarchy have been keeping an eye out for other managerial candidates.

Previously, Luis Enrique, Mauricio Pochettino and Thomas Tuchel have been linked with the job but recently a new option has become available for Spurs.

Julian Nagelsmann was relieved from his duties at Bayern Munich last week, despite only losing 3 games during his 37 game tenure.

With this young exciting coach now on the market as a free agent, will Fabio Paratici and Daniel Levy do everything they can to bring the German manager to North London.

At just 35 years of age, Julian Nagelsmann is one of the most appealing fledgling coaches in world football.

Having managed at 1899 Hoffenheim, RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich, Nagelsmann is well versed when it comes to German football, but would he need time to adapt to a different league?

His record in Europe would say he doesn't, having most recently dismantled PSG, completely nullifying Mbappé, Neymar and Messi in the process.

It is not just the results that make him such an attractive proposition for Spurs, it is the style of football he demands his team to play.

With Antonio Conte stuck in his ways about how his team should play, Nagelsmann's adaptability would come as a breath of fresh air to Tottenham fans who crave entertaining football.

The German coach also has very good people skills, which is something Conte lacked in what may have been his last press conference in charge.

A new manager coming into the club will also have a lot of wing-backs, and not a lot in terms of full-backs, meaning a 5 at the back system may have to be used to suit the squad.

This has been exacerbated with the recent injury of Ben Davies, who is the only current Spurs player to have sufficient experience in the left-back position.

If the North London club were to try and appoint Nagelsmann before the end of the season, they would need to pay a fee to Bayern Munich which may result in the Tottenham waiting till the end of the season.

Spurs require a restart, a project spearheaded by a manager with tactical adaptability and a love for the club he represents.

With previous links to the club, and reportedly owning a replica shirt, Julian Nagelsmann could be exactly what Daniel Levy is after in yet another managerial search.

Tottenham have not had a manager in charge for an entire season since the 2018/19 season and everyone at the club will be hoping the next appointment will be more long-term, helping end Spurs' increasingly frustrating trophy drought.

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