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Is it too soon to say goodbye?

Could Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino be swiftly out the door or are there potential signs of progress with his Chelsea side?

Well, although the thought of sacking a manager after less than a year in charge may feel quite hard-hearted, it feels embeded into Chelsea's club culture that if instant progress is not shown by the new managerial team then a bitter ending is usually in the pipeline.

Depending on the choices made within the board, eyebrows may be raised at the new regimes behaviour. Since acquiring the club nearly two years ago, much has been made of Todd Boehly possibly transitioning away from the previous owners sacking culture, but after appointing four managers during his reign (Graham Potter, Bruno Saltor, Frank Lampard and Mauricio Pochettino) so the transition may have to be delayed a little longer.

With Chelsea starting to hit some adequete form after Christmas ,winning five out of seven in all competitions, their humiliating defeats to Liverpool and Wolves last week have left Chelsea fans feeling uninspired and, pardon the pun, quite blue. This has led to the Chelsea boss receiving some heavy critisism about his ability to progress the team into ones similar in the past.

Big money signings not proving their worth and experienced internationals making rookie mistakes are huge current flaws in Pochettinos team.

Regardless of his tactics, Chelsea's number of injuries this season should also be a factor in their results as of late. Crucial players such as Reece James, Christopher Nkunku and Robert Sanchez are constantly on the sick list which creates a level of inconsistency on the playing field adding to the pressure on Mr. Pochettinos shoulders.

Chelsea fans could also point fingers at the recruitment system, as they have a lack of experienced leaders but an abundance of young talented prospects, which can result in an unstable and undisciplined mix of players.

But Chelsea's crisis is in the hands of Mauricio Pochettino and his ability to get the best out of his players, and with 15 more games to play in the league, a Carabao cup final later this month and a potential run in the FA cup, Pochettino could still turn the heads of some "Poch out"enthusiasts.

Pochettino has shown to be a really strong minded and resilient coach after his many years at Southampton and Tottenham but Todd Boehly and Co may still need some more convincing that he his the right man for the job after all their investment last summer.

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