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Is having the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand a positive for women’s football?

The women’s game is growing significantly in Europe, but due to the time difference it could be the Europeans missing out on watching the games.

Due to the significant time difference in Australia and New Zealand, with most cities being at least 9 hours ahead of the European nations, if they want to tune into watching any of the games live in some cases they will need to start watching at 3am. There will be many fans getting up early to watch the games before they go to work, but for the nations that have already cemented their love for women’s football it will not be easy to watch every game.

On the other side of this, growing women’s football in all continents of the world is a must and only this will help with that. With over 80,000 ticket sold for Australia’s first match against the Republic of Ireland on the 20th July, it shows that the fans of the home nation are doing there bit to get involved. We are hoping for even more attendance records broken in this competition.

Also many nations have had to take at least two planes to get over there, with many being on a plane for over 24 hours. Whilst also potentially having to get on a plane between fixtures due to the distance. It does need to be said that the Aussies who play in Europe including Sam Kerr, Steph Catley, Caitlin Foord and Ellie Carpenter have to potentially do this travel every 3 months due to their international matches, which is incredible what they go through to play their best football.

In other news USA are ranked number 1 in the FIFA World Rankings and are most likely to lift the trophy for their 3rd time in a row, if they do reach the final, kick off will be at 6am.

We hope this can be one of the best World Cups yet and make getting up at 3am occasionally worth it , as we can see women’s football grow all around the globe.

Do you believe having the World Cup out in Australia and New Zealand is going to have a positive or a negative effect for the women’s game?

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