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Is Dyche's job at Everton at risk already?

When Sean Dyche took over as manager of Everton in January 2023, there was a very clear way that many thought Everton would be – hard to beat and naturally he would guide the toffees away from relegation. He proved that by just about keeping Everton up, unconvincingly at that with a Doucoure screamer saving Everton’s skins.

Everton have entered this season and have started poorly with just one win so far and losing all four of their home games, scoring just once including the embarrassing defeat to Luton in the most recent game week. This ruined any optimism that fans had, following the two away wins at Brentford and Aston Villa the week before.

Dyche is entering a crucial stage as Everton manager, with his home record being so poor since his arrival having only scored eight goals at Goodison – a stat that is outraging the fans. Many managers have built on making Goodison a fortress and so far the current manager is not doing so. They have scored just the one goal at Goodison this season, and that one was a scruffy one against Luton Town.

Many Evertonians could not believe what they were watching when Carlton Morris smashed newly promoted Luton Town into a two-goal lead, and even more when Everton could not break down their defence and losing 2-1 - Luton grabbing their first top-flight win since 1990.

Despite Everton creating a lot of chances at home this season, they have amassed to nothing. Evertonians have become increasingly enraged with Dyche’s interviews following the match, proclaiming Everton played well and talking about the Expected Goals stat (Xg).

But Everton in reality, should not be relying on xg to be a ‘good’ performance. They should be winning their games at home particularly after having a favourable run of fixtures to start the season. Arsenal aside, Everton have had Fulham, Wolves and Luton Town at home and have of course lost every one of them.

Away from home seems to be a different story as Everton have scored in all but one of their games on their travels and have won their last two away games. They cannot have the same affect at home, which is baffling to the Goodison faithful.

The Toffees need to begin to take points at home, otherwise Dyche will be at risk of losing his job and the excuses will not stand much longer with the fans. Everton have another favourable game this Saturday with a home game against AFC Bournemouth. If this game ends in another defeat then you’d have to worry for Dyche’s job, and it will soon become untenable – particularly with the following game being the Merseyside Derby at Anfield.

Everton need to start picking up points at home and fast because they will soon run out of games, and they will run out of time in the Premier League. Dyche cannot afford to be the manager to take Everton down for the first time in over seventy years, nor can the players.

Everyone at Everton now needs to step up, particularly Sean Dyche, otherwise the pressure will mount on him – Evertonians seem willing to give him time, but will the club?

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