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Hendon Women's Standout Players So Far!

With Hendon FC forming a new team, the women's side had to start from scratch to build a competitive squad. Which of their new players have stood out so far?

Playing in the Greater London Women's Football League, Hendon Women will have to face tough and experienced sides during their first league campaign. Having a team of players who work well together is extremely important for any side, but is especially important for a brand new team.

Hendon have been discovering the strengths and weaknesses of their players, with everyone learning how to play together effectively. Every new player has been training hard to improve their skills and performance, but certain players have stood out from the rest.

Jessica Jones

Jess Jones has been immersed within football from a young age, beginning her training in primary school. She played for her local under 16s girls team, Rushmoor Community FC, before progressing to Fleet Town. She begun at Fleet Town's girl's under 18s and later moved up to Fleet Town Ladies before joining Hendon FC.

Jones has quickly become a valued player at Hendon, with her amazing footwork making her a tricky opponent to dispossess.

Typically a Left Winger, Jones can also drop to Left Back or move further into the centre of the pitch. Her versatility will come in handy for Hendon when in tough situations where a change of shape is needed.

Jones is also a very vocal player when on the pitch, ensuring no player is left unmarked by her teammates. She is not afraid to boss her side about in order to score goals, which will benefit Hendon's lesser-experienced players by giving them guidance on the pitch.

Matilda Mangwendeza

Scoring Hendon Women's first ever goal is a great achievement, but to be able to back that up with bagging a hat-trick in their first ever match is outstanding.

Studying a football coaching qualification, Mangwendeza has links with Arsenal, allowing her to take insight from experienced coaches, helping her to further develop her ability.

Mangwendeza's talent was only discovered recently, as she begun playing football a year and a half ago when she joined Brentford's recreational community football session.

Matilda Mangwendeza begun playing competitive football with mental health 5-a-side team West London Shields in early 2023, playing in the Grenfell Memorial Cup, where her side reached the final, earning a second place finish.

Mangwendeza is an incredible striker, easily able to keep the ball at her feet when gliding past opposition defenders before firing the ball into the top corner. She will be a great asset to Hendon throughout their first-ever league campaign.

Megan Hobson

Megan Hobson is Hendon Women's captain for the 23/24 season. Hobson is a key part of Hendon's defence, playing at Centre Back.

She is a very vocal player who controls her team well, even from the other side of the pitch. Her perfect blend of toughness and friendliness makes her the perfect captain and an amazing player.

Hobson began playing football at a young age during her time in primary school, but stopped playing when she went into secondary school. When Megan Hobson was studying at Durham University, she joined the Hild-Bede football team, where she became the president. Hobson also briefly played for Durham University's women's third team and

Oxford University's Lady Margaret Hall.

Having Megan Hobson as a part of their defence will give Hendon's side encouragement that they can improve their defensive record.

Vicky Redfern

Vicky Redfern is the vice-captain of Hendon Women in their 23/24 season. Redfern is a strong player who plays a key role in Hendon's midfield.

Playing right in the centre of the pitch allows Vicky Redfern to communicate with every player on the team. As a very vocal player, Redfern can be heard across the pitch, telling players where there is space and which opponents to mark, making her a great vice-captain.

Redfern started her competitive football career at AFC Bournemouth women's under 18s and then joined the army at the age of 18. She played football for her regiment during her eight years in the army and then took some time away from football to have a little boy before eventually joining Hendon.

Redfern is great as an attacker, defensive midfielder and an attacking midfielder, her versatility being a massive benefit to Hendon's side when it comes to making formation changes throughout a match.

Vicky Redfern brings bit of much needed physicality to Hendon's midfield. She has performed some outstanding tackles and is a player who is hard to get ball from.

Sophie Kew

At just sixteen years old, Sophie is the youngest player in Hendon's squad. This does not by any means make her any less capable, as she has shown that she can stand her ground against older, more physical opponents, defending brilliantly on the right.

Although she is often quiet on the pitch, Sophie Kew does not go unnoticed.

Kew has an incredibly strong right foot, and is able to easily pick someone out in space from the other side of the pitch. Her passing accuracy is one of the best of Hendon's entire squad, and will only improve as she gains more game-time and experience.

Sophie Kew has played for Brent Schools in the Capital Girl's League for over six years. This experience has helped to prepare her for Hendon's women's side.

Sophie Kew puts her all into every training session to improve on her technical skills, and this shows when she has great performances in Hendon's matches. Kew is a promising young talent who will be a great asset to Hendon's new side for the 23/24 league campaign.

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