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Have West Ham got too comfortable?

The Hammers have not won in the league since the middle of December, when they beat rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

It was obvious that West Ham’s goal for this season was to stay in the WSL, but could they have pushed further after being only 4 points off 4th at Christmas?

With survival being their main aim, they have definitely done well to not be in the relegation battle this season, especially as they have only picked up 1 point since January- that point came from title challengers Arsenal.

The Hammers defensively haven’t been at their best all season. They have now conceded 30 goals in 16 WSL games, with Manchester United scoring 4 against them at the weekend.

Between Dagny Bryandottir and Viviane Asseyi, the claret and blue side haven’t struggled in front of goal. The Hammers have scored 17 goals in the league- Bryandottir and Asseyi combined getting 11, with 4 assists.

A player that has also shown her qualities ahead of the World Cup is the Matildas goalkeeper, Mackenzie Arnold. Her save percentage is 77% this season, whilst also saving 3 penalties.

Even with the Hammers defending issues, she has definitely shined and helped out the team massively, and will aim to in the remaining games.

It has to be said that West Ham have had on average at least 2 players injured in every WSL game this season, with the majority of them being defenders. Lucy Parker became one of the first for 4 months, just after her Lioness call up.

At the half way mark it was a race between Aston Villa, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham in who can finish in 5th spot. 5 games later the Villians have ran away with it, being 8 points clear.

5th spot would have shown massive improvement for Paul Konchesky’s side as the Irons finished 7th last season.

The Hammers also got to the Semi- final of the Conti cup, which does show that the team is improving, so for next season they will be looking to aim higher.

If West Ham didn’t get as complacent, could they have finished 5th or higher?

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