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Has the Jamaican Football Federation let their team down?

The Jamaican’s are heading into the Women’s World Cup, but it looks like they are getting no support from their federation.

This includes the limitless planning and access to proper resources in the build up to the WWC.

The Reggae Girlz have spoken and expressed their feelings, this was mainly lead by Manchester City striker Khadija Shaw and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Rebecca Spencer. They explain how reaching their second World Cup is incredible, as most would've doubted their ability to achieve this, but now they face next to no help. They spoke via a written letter that they sent to their federation and as of now they still haven’t received a response.

Their first game is to be played on the 23rd of July against France, but as of now they haven’t got accommodation for this fixture. This is a time for the Jamaican players to be excited and realise how well they have done to be at a WWC but all they are thinking about is if they will even be able to get there.

The Reggae Girlz have also had to miss a warm up match, due to disorganisation from their federation. In a time where women’s football is growing massively, these incidents should never happen in any country.

A funding page was set up by a Chicago stars teammate of Cheyna Matthews, to try and raise $100,000 to allow the Jamaicans to live their dream and compete on the worlds stage.

As of now we do believe the Jamaicans will be able to get to Australia and play their matches, but there is still a lot of uncertainty where they will be staying and if they will have any professional resources.

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