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Goals Galore: The Battle To Be The National League Top Goal Scorer

As the National League season reaches its quarter mark, the league's contenders are coming into focus, both in terms of team performance and standout goal-scorers. Week after week, players give their all to stake a claim as the league's top goalscorer; here is a rundown of the players in contention, and ones that have the potential to be in the mix this season.

Nicke Kabamba

Nicke Kabamba's continued excellence on the pitch has been instrumental in Barnet's impressive run this season, as they currently sit in a commendable 3rd place in the National League. His ability to consistently find the back of the net has been a source of great strength for the team. Having been a key figure in Barnet's playoff race last season, where he contributed 19 goals in 42 games, his performance this season has been nothing short of outstanding.

In just 11 games, Kabamba has already netted an impressive 9 goals, showcasing his remarkable scoring prowess. This tally is already nearly half of what he achieved in the previous season, indicating that he is on a trajectory to surpass his previous goal-scoring record. With his incredible form and hunger for goals, Kabamba is undoubtedly a player to watch out for as he aims to lead Barnet to greater heights and potentially secure another playoff opportunity. His contributions on the field make him an invaluable asset to the Bees as they continue their quest for success in the National League.

Marcus Dingana

Gateshead is currently 4th in the National League table and is having a phenomenal start to the season, in comparison to the 22/23 season, and Marcus Dingana has been crucial to the team's success so far this season.

Marcus Dingana had a combined 12 goals during the 22/23 season, scoring 12 in 42 games, where he played with Altrincham and then made a move to Gateshead, and so far this season, he has already matched the goal tally he created at the back end of last season for Gateshead of 7 goals and is not far of being his full tally of the 22/23 season and with Gateshead surprising the rest of the league with how they have started Dingana will continue to be a key part of Gatehead's strong attacking options.

Dominic Poleon

Ebbsfleet finds themselves currently 16th in their first season back in the National League after their league-winning season last year, and a man who has continued his great form is Dominic Poleon, who, prior to the 23/24 season, was predicted to be a player to watch for Ebbsfleet United and that is exactly what he has done so far this season.

In the 22/3 National League South, Dominic Poleon ran riot, scoring 35 goals in 43 games as they made the charge to the league title and finished with 103 points being one of their key attacking threats last season, and much like last season, he has begun this season in the same fashion scoring 7 goals in the 8 games he has played in so far and is currently tied 3rd in the National League top scorers table.

If Ebbsfleet is to survive the top tier of the National League, then Dominic Poleon will have to be a consistent part of Dennis Kutrieb's matchday squad, as he is crucial to their attacking threat and variety of striking partnerships that can easily cause other teams a problem.

Tyrese Sinclair

Tyrese Sinclair is no stranger to the National League, having been on loan at Altrincham for the second half of the 22/23 season, scoring 5 goals in 11 games during the back end of the 22/23 season.

Rochdale have begun their first season in the National League as many would have predicted them, battling in and around the promotion places, and Tyrese Sinclair has helped, staying in similar form to last season, contributing 7 goals in the last 11 games and surpassing his previous tally.

Ones To Watch

Whilst those four have had stronger starts to the season, there are still many potential players that could have their names in the mix; one of those has to be Bromley's Michael Cheek; the striker is a fan favourite at the club and always seems to be scoring goals being a previous Golden Boot winner after the 20/21 campaign scoring 21 goals, and in the last two seasons has fell shy of his record, however with Bromley's strong start to the season, whilst there will start to be a mic up in the squads as cup competitions start to begin Micahel Cheek is seemingly a regular in the team regardless and as long as someone can provide him with a good ball it's almost inevitable that he will score a fair few goals this season.

Another player to look out for is Harry Cardwell, whos remarkable performance amidst Southend United's off-field troubles is a glimmer of hope for the team and their fans. With 7 goals in just 12 league games, he has proven to be a reliable goal scorer in a challenging season. Despite their struggles, Cardwell's commitment to the team showcases his dedication and determination. While Southend may currently be 23rd in the league, players like Cardwell can be instrumental in turning their fortunes around. Keep an eye on him as he continues to make his mark on the pitch and strives to lift Southend United from their current predicament.

Joshua Stokes from Aldershot is a player to watch in the National League Golden Boot race. With an impressive record of 6 goals in just 12 games, he has demonstrated his goal-scoring prowess and ability to impact his team significantly. If he continues at this rate, he could be a strong contender for the Golden Boot award, a testament to his skill and consistency in front of goal.

Aldershot Town are currently sitting in 12th, just 3 points away from the playoff positions; every point and every player's contribution will be crucial in their bid to contend for a playoff place. In this scenario, Stokes is an essential figure within the team.

His consistent performance and ability to make a difference greatly influences Aldershot's chances of securing that coveted playoff spot. As the season progresses, Aldershot will rely on players like Stokes to maintain their current form and elevate it, aiming to finish strong and clinch a place in the playoffs.

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