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Germany crash out of the World Cup after controversial decisions in Group E

Germany crash out of the World Cup in the group stages for the 2nd time in a row despite them winning 4-2 on the night against Costa Rica.

Germany started the game off very much in control and Serge Gnabry enjoyed a lot of the ball finding space and creating gaps in the Costa Rican midfield and it saw him scored a really good header just 10 Minutes in and gave them a very deserving lead.

The 1st half after that lacked a lot of things especially end product and goals as you expect Germany dominated the ball and passed about the pitch very well but lacking the final ball/finish to further their lead.

However, the 2nd half was the polar opposite and it saw 5 goals and the first fell for Costa Rica through some very good intricate play which was initially saved by Nuer but it the rebound fell almost perfectly to Yeltsin Tejeda who made sure that he headed the ball into the back of the net to equalise.

Then not long after that Costa Rica took a shock lead which was seen after some confusion in the 18 yard box after a free kick was put into the box. Juan Pablo Vargas made sure that he kicked it home to help give them the lead.

Then not long after that their was one really important sub and that saw the introduction of Kai Havertz and this changed the game for Germany and helped them better their game. Havertz found himself in a small amount of space and made sure he put it past Navas to ensure Germany get the equaiser and then just 12 Minutes later he scored a 2nd goal and that gave Germany the lead again.

Finally Niclas Fullkrug scored a very simple ball after a very good cross was put into the box and then had a tap home to giver Germany the lead 4-2 but it did not stop the impending exit from the competition. Germany must improve their approach to tournament football because they did not treat the competition with respect and then lost games which they quite frankly should not.

Man of the match: Kai Havertz

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