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France win in Doha to set up unmissable Quarter Final.

A clinical performance saw France win 3-1 at the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha. On the night Olivier Giroud became the French all time leading goal scorer after his goal in the 44th minute.

Olivier Giroud scored his 52nd goal for his country going past Thierry Henry and hopes to further that record when he and his team mates meet England on Saturday in the Quarter-Finals.

France started the game off very poorly; they struggled to do anything with the ball. They enjoyed a lot of the ball but never managed to string more than 1 or 2 passes together without losing the ball or misplacing the pass.

Poland in the first 30 minutes were really good and they enjoyed a lot of the ball and moved it freely and had a lot of success making gaps and feeding the ball through the midfield and then using the width to get behind the French full backs.

Then after a prolonged period of possession for Poland the French hit back on the counter after some good team play saw Olivier Giroud score and put France 1-0 up despite not having the best performance up until then.

The French half-time was very much needed despite having the lead the team and manager would be furious with the individual performances of his squad so far.

Then the inevitable happened and it saw Kylian Mbappe found his rhythm and when he does it is extremely dangerous and well the inevitable happened the 1st goal after some good counter attacking play from France and the ball was fed to Mbappe who took a touch of the ball and smashed the ball home over the top of the keeper to extend the french lead.

Then his 2nd goal of the evening saw him open on the edge of the box and well when you leave Mbappe that much space on the edge of the box he will punish the opposition and he did when he curled one into the top corner on the edge of the box just a couple of minutes before the end of the game.

Then late on into the game Lewandowski found himself taking a penalty after a handball from a french player. He initially took the first penalty but VAR deemed the France captain Hugo Lloris had come off his line early so Lewandowski re took the penalty and sent the keeper the wrong way but by that time it was too late took make any effect in the game.

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