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FFP and Everton: 12 points deduction?

It was reported on Wednesday that the Premier League recommended Everton should be deducted 12 points if they are found guilty of FFP breaches. Now, Everton are under an investigation by an independent commission for breaches of Financial Fair Play issues. The 12-point deduction would be the biggest ever points deduction implemented on a Premier League club.

Everton were referred to the independent commission in March, by the Premier League over an alleged breach of its profitability and sustainability (P&S) rules over a period ending with the 2021-22 season. The league’s P&S rule states that it allows clubs to lose a maximum of £105m over a three-year period or face sanctions. If found guilty, and the Premier League’s recommendation is applied – Everton will find themselves on -5 points, as it stands. It is a decision which would increasingly be likely to send The Toffees to relegation.

The news of the Premier League’s recommendations has infuriated Everton fans for several reasons; The timing of the article came less than 24 hours after it was announced that Everton chairman Bill Kenwright had passed away at the age of 78. Everton fans have referred to the charges that other clubs that have had alleged breaches i.e. Manchester City.

In February, Manchester City were accused by the Premier League of breaching more than 100 financial rules yet since the story broke at the time it seems the noise around the club has quietened down significantly.

Former Liverpool centre-back and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher had his say on this on Twitter: “The PL (Premier League) want a 12-point deduction for one charge. Man City are going to end up in the National League North if the PL get their way!!!. Unbelievable the amount of stories that come out about Everton’s situation, but Man City’s, which has 114 more charges and has gone on for much longer, has gone very quiet.”

Everton have wasted money since Farhad Moshiri added his billions into the club in 2016, hence why the club find themselves in a dire financial situation and have barely been able to spend money in the last three seasons due to FFP. 777 Partners are due to take over the club in the Winter, and it will be an awful situation for the new owners if these sanctions are put in place as soon as they arrive.

It is possible as mentioned by Simon Jordan on TalkSport that Everton could receive a suspended points deduction, which means that Everton would not actually receive the deduction but would be more of a warning to the Toffees about their finances.

Everton maintain that they have done nothing wrong and that they have been fully transparent to the Premier League about their finances. A huge decision is due to be made very soon by the independent commission which could be utterly catastrophic for the Toffees or an incredible sense of relief for the supporters.

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