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Does Trent solve England’s problems?

England has had a very lacklustre start to the Nations League. With 3 draws and 3 losses in their last 6 games. Gareth Southgate is under serious scrutiny as the England squad begins their preparations for the World Cup.

England’s recent 3-3 draw with Germany foreshadows the concern that many England fans have for the upcoming major tournament. Despite the comeback from Southgate’s men, they failed to demonstrate the attacking football that the country desires.

Gareth Southgate persists with his five-back system as he has consistently played during his tenure with England. England lacked goal-scoring prowess against Italy and chance creation was very limited.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is arguably England and Liverpool’s best creator. He excels in Liverpool’s system despite his poor form in the Premier League season. His dip in form is a rarity for the England international and stats prove that he will be back to his best soon


Trent Alexander-Arnold has 4.40 shot-creating actions per 90 in the last 365 days, indicating his excellent desire to create goals. He further has 8.82 progressive passes per 90. The Englishmen’s hunger for assists is outstanding and with a player Like Harry Kane in the box, it is a recipe for goals.

In spite of his creativity, his critics always find fault with the defensive side of his game. It is conventional that his defensive awareness needs to improve. The Liverpool defender is often caught out due to his attacking intent.

Trent only has 1.46 tackles and 2.08 interceptions per 90. When you compare that to the current crop of English fullbacks such as Reece James, he is low. With the Chelsea fullback providing 2.02 tackles per 90. James provides a similar attacking output with 3.47 shot-creating actions.

Many would debate that Reece James is the perfect balance as a fullback for England. However, he remains passive in the way he plays for England and was poor in the recent Nations League fixtures which led to England being relegated from Group A.

For England to make the most out of the talent pool they have, it is intelligible to have someone who is as creative as Trent, in the starting eleven. The stats show what a fantastic outlet he is, and he can be the man that can take that step further for England.

Gareth Southgate will play a five-back system in the World Cup and the perfect covering centre-half for him could be Kyle Walker. The Manchester City man has outstanding pace and defensive awareness to cover for Trent when he bombs forward.

Kyle Walker excelled in the Russia 2018 World Cup, he is used to that position and could be the perfect man to cover for Trent’s defensive frailties. Kyle Walker is only dribbled past 0.63 times per 90 and could be the key to unlocking Alexander-Arnold’s game.

Gareth Southgate is under obligation to play the Liverpool fullback as he provides the creativity that the England team is seemingly missing. If England is to have a successful tournament, Trent Alexander-Arnold has to be starting at the Qatar World Cup this winter.

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