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Darlington: Three Games Left

With three games left of the season this year, Darlington FC need to win as many of these possible in order to be safe from relegation. If they end up in the bottom four they will be relegated down into the northern premier league in the premier division. Teams that current play in this league include the likes of Macclesfield, Workington and Ashton United.

Over the next three weeks Darlington will face Southport FC, Farsley Celtic and Chester FC. There last home game of the season will be played on the Saturday 13th April at Blackwell Meadows against Farsley Celtic.

After a win on Monday 1st April, Darlington are in search of another big win to try make them self safe from relegation. With their next game Saturday 5th April against Southport they must win to move higher in the table to prevent any opposition teams overtaking.

Currently Darlington are sitting 19th in the table with two teams following behind by two points. When it comes to the next match day in the Vanarama League North, Southport and Darlington will come face to face at the home ground of Darlington.

The last time these two team came face to face was in January on match day 27 out of 46. In this game Darlington unfortunately were defeated to a 2-0 loss at the home of Southport, Haig Avenue.

In the pat week Darlo have played both Warrington on Monday 1st April and Chorley on Friday 29th April. Unfortunately on good Friday Darlington FC suffered a hard loss of 3-0 with the game itself being scrappy and rather messy with players going down often. With a crowd of over 1800 fans, primarily darlington fans, everyone was left disappointed with the three goals scored, one of which was a penalty.

Above: Chorley's first goal against darlington.

This season Darlington have been unlucky when it comes to playing Chorley. In their previous meet up Chorley came out on top winning the game by a ,massive 8 goals to 0. This was Darlington's chance to bring it back and level the playing field. However this was not achieved. As a result of this game and Chorley's most recent game it has left them third in the table, looking for promotion.

On easter bank holiday darlington travelled to warrington fc for an away game. Successfully Darlington FC came out on top winning 3-1. With goal scorers consisting of Rutledge who scored one and Salkeld scoring two.

Darlington need as many wins as they can get before the end of the season in order to be safe from relagation.

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