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Darlington FC : FA Cup History

Darlington Football Club have been playing in the FA Cup since the very beginning. Throughout the club's professional years, it’s safe to say that they haven’t been the most successful when it comes to competing in the FA Cup.

In the 140 years Darlington FC have been around, they have won multiple titles including the FA trophy in 2010/11. Before this, the furthest they have gotten in this competition is the last sixteen where they have appeared twice. The first in the 1910/11 season and the second in the 1957/58 season.

The 1910/11 season was the first time Darlington reached the last 16 of the FA Cup where they faced Swindon Town. Unfortunately, at this time it wasn’t to be for Darlington as they lost 3-0 at home to their opposition. The second time Darlington football club made an appearance in the last 16 was in the 1957/58 season. This was one of the club's most successful runs in the FA Cup. In the fourth round, Darlington were drawn away to Chelsea where the team travelled down to Stamford Bridge for the fixture. This is seen as one of Darlington’s more famous matches as they went on to win 4-1 in West London. Who would have thought Darlington Football Club would have beaten Chelsea FC? However, they were soon knocked out in the following round.

More recently Darlington Football Club won the FA Trophy in 2011 after facing Mansfield in the final at Wembley Stadium. This was the first time either side had reached the final.

In today's season, 2023/2024, Darlington FC have just played at home against Workington in the second round qualifying for the FA Cup. The two teams have only come against each other five times previously. Four of these were league games in 1976/77 and 2015/16. The other was an FA Cup game in the 1970s where Darlington won 1-0.

On Friday 15th September, Darlington beat Workington 3-1 in the latest round of the FA Cup qualifying. This was the home side's first home win of the season. With Darlington having the most possession, the home side came out on top with Platt scoring the first goal at 13 mins. The second was by Lees at 72 minutes followed by Hazel in the 91st minute. Following this win Darlington Football Club has advanced into the next draw of the FA Cup. Now it's just the hopes and prayers from the fans that they can progress further in this competition than have previously.

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