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Columbia's world cup warm-up game deserted after becoming ‘overly physical’.

A behind closed doors pre- women’s world cup friendly game between Columbia and newcomers Ireland came to an end after only 20 minutes as the game had seemingly appeared to become too physical.

The friendly, which took place in Meakin Park in Brisbane Australia, was suspended after a decision was made by the Football Association of Ireland and match officials to bring the game to an end. The decision to no longer proceed with the pre-tournament friendly was made just 23 minutes into the first half of the game.

The Columbian Football Federation respected the decision that was made by the match officials of the game and the opposing team to stop the friendly although the federation had stated that all of their training and processes were within the rules of both the game and fair play.

After the decision had been made to bring the friendly game to a close it was reported that Irish midfielder Denise O’Sullivan was taken to hospital after she had experienced a shin injury during the game. Luckily the Irish midfielder has now announced that she has recovered well from her injury and will still be able to play with Ireland in their first ever women’s world cup.

The Irish newcomers then went on to take part in an entire training session in order for them to continue their final preparations for the countries first ever women’s world cup, before their first ever women’s world cup game in group B against hosts Australia on the 20th July before they face Canada and Nigeria.

Columbia will go on to continue their training and preparation for this year’s upcoming women’s world cup where they will compete in Group H with their opening game against South Korea on the 24th of July ahead of facing Germany and Morocco.

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