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Can Aston Villa snatch top 4?

The Villans have recently shown that they are up for the fight in the second half of the season, with already making two brilliant signings, Jordan Nobbs and Lucy Staniforth.

Aston Villa currently sit 7th and only 7 points off the top four. Both new signings have made Champions League appearances. Nobbs has had a greater impact during this competition, with 13 goals in 43 games.

Nobbs’ experience will really help the Villian’s push for their goal, as she has been in that scenario many a time. More so than most players who are currently at Aston Villa.

Teams like West Ham and Everton who are positioned near them in the league will secretly be feeling the pressure from Villa’s signings.

West Ham have let three players leave, two of which have usually come off the bench and have signed no one as of yet. Whilst Everton haven’t signed anyone or allowed players to leave.

Tottenham who sit 3 points below Villa have made a brilliant signing themselves – Bethany England- who came from Chelsea on a transfer record fee. With these two teams facing each other at the weekend it will be a very good two see how both teams get on.

It needs to be said that it is still early on in the transfers window. But could this allow The Villan’s to bring in more players.

With the likes of Alisha Lehmann and Rachel Daly, Villa have always had good players within their squad –their league form justifies this- but this just shows where Aston Villa might go with the new players they have brought.

Carla Ward side will face Tottenham Hotspur at home on Saturday 14th to hope to carry on their winning ways.

This will be a game where the new signings may win them the game.

Jordan Nobbs vs Bethany England.

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