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Arsenal x Adidas: Do the Gunner’s have the best 22/23 season kits?

Recently, Arsenal’s performance in both the Women’s Super League and the Premier League isn’t the only thing that has stood out, but also their many kits!

Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886 and used to wear a claret home shirt until the 1920’s. From this point onwards, the club is easily recognised for their bright red shade.

Since 2010 the colour combinations have become more original and surprising, in which Adidas became arguably the most experimental brand with their clothing- which is clearly paying off.

Adidas have showcased their talents once again with the home, away and third kit for this 22/23 season, in which there are debates amongst Gooners around what kit to buy, due to the popularity of them all.

The collar is the key feature on the home kit, which replicates the jersey’s before the 2000’s. A red body with white sleeves, and no blue detailing since Adidas’ return a few years ago, makes this vintage but familiar look a popular item.

The Adidas Arsenal 22-23 away jersey is black, combined with gold-metallic for all logos and grey for the three stripes on the shoulders. This bold kit provides the Gunner’s with an authoritative and professional look, setting a winning tone for any away fixture.

Pink! That’s right, the first ever pink shirt for the North London club is this season’s third kit. Although it’s their third jersey, both Arsenal squads have worn it many times, which highlights the collective interest in all kits.

However, the additional kits throughout this season so far, which mark significant events, are arguably what make Arsenal different from the rest.

Stonewall is the inspiration behind their most recent warm up kit, in which it was “worn with pride by Arsenal”, to show that football is for everyone. The players, like many professional teams, also combined this look with rainbow laces- click the following link to find out more:

Another exciting design came from the start of the season, where they introduced a colourful and fun jersey, created for the Notting Hill Carnival. This was created to “celebrate those who call North London and Jamaica home!”

With many more weeks left of the season, the apprehension of what kit Adidas will introduce next is forever growing.

What will their next kit reveal be?

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