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A goalless game sends New Zealand home.

With focus split between the points Switzerland and New Zealand will receive, as well as Norway’s goal tally, a goalless fixture in Forsyth Barr Stadium will see the co-hosts’ World Cup journey come to an end due to goal difference in Group A.

Switzerland started on the front foot, with a lot of early possession.

The 11th minute saw a brief scramble in the box, after New Zealand earned their first corner of the game. Unable to capitalise on this opportunity, the game remained level.

The Swiss’ dominance at the whistle was soon drowned out by the Football Ferns. The home sides momentum and fuel overpowered the game.

Neither team entered the break on the scoresheet.

In contrast to the first half, New Zealand were unable to break into their attacking third. Hannah Wilkinson was unable to have her impact on this game, like she did with the winner in the opening fixture of this tournament, appearing somewhat anonymous.

New Zealand were still hoping to breakthrough to stay in the tournament, but they were unable to.

A final attempt in extra time saw what could’ve been the goal of the tournament, as a New Zealand free kick on the edge of the box made contact with the Football Ferns’ keeper but went out.

Although this game finalised the fate of New Zealand, there was little excitement during this fixture- something which was immersed in Norway’s winning game.

Norway’s six goals today see them climb the table above New Zealand. The co-hosts have played their last game on home soil this summer.

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